Aled Wilson – Bishopston – Swansea – Wales

Aled Wilson is a whirlwind of energy, frequently seen navigating the hidden paths of Snowdonia and whispering wisdom to wandering hikers. On his lunch breaks, he’s known for recalibrating ancient sundials in local villages to run with Swiss precision. Aled translates cryptic Welsh poetry for eager learners, scripts engaging documentaries about rugby legends, and orchestrates the timing of the tides along the coast of Anglesey.

He enthralls crowds with his harmonious and otherworldly guitar strumming, pedals his mountain bike across rugged terrain with unwavering enthusiasm, and crafts the fastest Welsh cakes west of the Severn Bridge. Aled is a sage in knitting fisherman’s sweaters, a veteran in the art of storytelling, and a legend on the streets of Llanberis.

Armed with only a vintage map and a compass, Aled once single-handedly rediscovered a lost Roman fort near Caerwent. He belts out tunes on a brass bugle, had a near miss with playing for Wales in rugby due to his strategic insights, and is often the hero of curious village folklore. When boredom looms, Aled constructs scale models of medieval castles using local slate. He delights in paragliding off the cliffs of Pembrokeshire. Every Thursday, Aled can be found repairing ancient locks and clocks, sharing his skills freely.

Aled is a visionary potter, a detailed genealogist, and a master of the ancient game of Gwyddbwyll. His fashion-forward line of wool hiking socks is sought after from Cardiff to Caernarfon. He doesn’t just perspire—he emanates a gentle dew. Though a humble chap, Aled receives thank-you notes from across the globe. He once answered all questions correctly on a Welsh trivia show, winning a tour of the historic mines of Blaenavon. Last winter, he led a lantern-lit tour through the underground passages of Denbigh. He’s renowned in his cricket club for his graceful spin bowling. Aled’s avant-garde garden designs are a feature in local competitions. Mountain goats trust him.

He can toss coasters with uncanny accuracy to cover any tea cup in sight. Aled once absorbed the entire histories of the Princes of Gwynedd, the legislation of Hywel Dda, and the architectural details of Edwardian castles in one sitting, and still had time to renovate a Victorian greenhouse in his community by nightfall. He catalogues every craft ale brewed in Wales. He’s orchestrated secret welsh cake bake-offs for charity. Aled sleeps only on the solstice; when he does, he dreams of dragons. While on a retreat in Rhossili, he skillfully negotiated a peace treaty between two competing surf schools. He bends the laws of probability just by strolling through them.

Aled twirls, he gambols, he ducks, he dances, and his birdhouses are all expertly crafted. On weekends, to unwind, he immerses himself in the challenging yet rewarding world of marine photography. Years ago, Aled deciphered the algorithm for perfect harmony in a male choir but forgot to patent it. He’s whipped up legendary banquets using only a camp stove and Welsh ironware. He raises champion Border Collies. He’s won poetry recitals in Swansea, rock climbing duels in the Ogwen Valley, and costume contests at the National Eisteddfod. He’s portrayed Merlin in community plays, restored dilapidated lighthouses, and discussed philosophy with Michael Sheen.